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Empowering public education system


Dear Visitor,

Thanks for visiting us. We @Bachpan Banao are trying to take the roads less traveled so far and we would love to have you as part of our journey.

We offer the following programs for people interested to work with us:

1. 10 Days volunteering: To apply click here
2. 1 month fellowship: To apply click here
3. 1 year fellowship

To apply for the fellowship please visit “Apply Now”

More about the 1 year fellowship:

Bachpan Banao is offering a one year fellowship with the mission to empower the community and various stakeholders towards improving the education system in rural/tribal areas. As part of the fellowship we invite young professionals and graduates to live with the community and facilitate the process of change. The idea is to help the administration and community help identify their issues in education and come up with a solution. In the meantime we are also focusing on empowering local human resources through a mentoring program. The vision of the program resonates with Mahatma Gandhi’s belief in community ownership for overall development of the society.

To apply for the fellowship please visit “Apply Now”

16 comments on “Home


    good initiative … I would alwys love to join u..
    waitng for octber.. my feloshp month



    I would love to join the one month programme. Please can you help me

    • Bachpan Banao

      Please apply under the volunteering opportunities section

  3. Rakesh

    Very good intiative.ALL THE BEST!

  4. Sindhuja

    Am good in English and tamil , but as of Hindi, I understand but do not speak much , am so much interested to be a part of ur programme and reach people, can I apply sir ?

    • Bachpan Banao

      Hi Sindhuja,

      Hindi is very important to work in this part of the country as the entire means of communication is in Hindi. you can help us as a volunteer. Please call us for further discussion. Or send a mail to

  5. Mirtunjay kumar mishra

    Very nice

  6. Raj Kumar

    dear sir
    I. am Raj Kumar I have done my MSW in 2012 so I can apply for this post because I have working knowledge in the rural area

    • Bachpan Banao

      Yes you can apply. Please go to the Apply Now section and download the application form

  7. prashant sharma

    hi…i applied for it but do we get response email immediately after sending email with application form or it takes time because i did not receive any confirmation email for bachpan banao.i applied on 6 th may…thanx

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Prashant, you will shortly receive a mail. We are evaluating the applications currently.

      Team Bachpan Banao

  8. juhi

    does the fellowship also include teaching in class?

  9. Meeraa

    Only recently I got to know about the fellowship program. Is it possible to apply for it now?

    • Bachpan Banao

      Yes.. you can apply. We will be inviting people for a face to face interview in Raipur on 15th June. If willing, please apply at the earliest.

      Team Bachpan Banao

  10. utkarsh joshi

    Yes you can definitely participate as volunteer in this program.
    Go through the volunteering section of the website.

    I am currently doing b.a(hons) social work , 3rd year. Can I be a part of 1 month internship programme ? or just be a part of this initiative as a volunteer ?

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