Bachpan Banao

Empowering public education system


Thanks for choosing to apply for the Bachpan Banao Fellowship program as ‘MENTOR FELLOW’. We appreciate your first step towards the mission of change and empowerment.

Please e-mail the completed application to Mention “BBF14-15 ” in the Subject Line of the email.Also please add your name in the Application File name.

Download application here:–> bachpan_banao_fellowship_application_form

59 comments on “APPLY NOW!

  1. priyanka thakran

    its really a good thing to do…..

  2. Vijayaakshmi

    I would like to apply but what are the terms and conditions! I am B.E.,(comp sci) settled as a house wife
    I am interested in teaching kids. I am doing my diploma course in teacher training.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Vijaakshmi,

      We think following details will clarifies your doubts, If not feel free to contact us.

       Duration: 1 year ( June 2013- May 2014 )
       Location: Dantewada, Chattisgarh
       Planned number of Mentor Fellows Required for the year 2013-2014: 15
       Planned number of schools where we will work for the year 2013-2014: 15
       Monthly stipend:
      o 10000 /- INR + Accommodation and food in school
      o One time travel cost ( 2nd Class Sleeper Railway fare ) will be reimbursed from Fellows Home to Dantewada and Vice Versa at the beginning and end of fellowship respectively.
      o Any other travel cost incurred with respect to BachpanBanao Fellowship work will be refunded only after approval by the Management Committee.
       Since the schools are residential school, all the fellows will be staying in the school itself. They will be provided staff quarter depending on the availability. Also food will be available in the schools as is provided to existing teachers and students
       Total number of leaves allowed during the fellowship: 30 days ( excluding the national holidays and holidays due to religious festivals ). However the leave balance will be cumulative. At the beginning of every month 2.5 days of leave will be credited in the leave balance of fellows. Hence fellow can avail leave on the basis of availability of leave balance. In case of fellow exceeding the existing leave quota, it will be treated as Leave Without Pay
       Each Mentor Fellow will be placed in one school along with a Community Fellow.
       Once selected the applicant will be sent an offer letter on behalf of BachpanBanao and District Administration, Dantewada which they will have to sign and send back as their confirmation to joining the fellowship.
       At the end of fellowship fellows will be getting a Certificate of Participation from BachpanBanao and District Administration, Dantewada
       In case a fellow wants s/he can extend their fellowship for one more year at the end of 1st year.
       Fellows will be getting basic medical facilities in Dantewada, however they are requested to ensure necessary precautions to avoid falling sick.

      Also to volunteer or opt for 1 month fellowship you are free to chose the dates as per your convenience. We will try to accomodate as much as possible

      • Gopa Mukherjee

        I am a freelance media person who is focusing on kids since last many years. Presently I work on kids with autism, make interesting training tools for them which I would like to introduce to the rural kids too as I feel they will take it as fun and learn. I am interested.

      • Bachpan Banao

        Dear Gopa, That sounds exciting. We would love to explore the opportunity. In a place like Dantewada anything done with sincerity and dedication will be of great help. Please drop us a mail @ for further action.

        Looking forward to your work :)

  3. Amit Saxena

    This is really a very good step towards educating the rural kids. I would really like to be the part of this. I am a MBA and with a admin experience of over 5 years. Also my age is 33 and i am living in Delhi. I think these kind of steps should not only restricted to certain areas, as today if you go to any village or small town, there the condition of Govt schools are so pathetic. This step must be followed to them to empower the children with modern education. This is really a great step and i look forward for something like this if happen in near by area of my residence.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Thanks Amit, you can definitely help us. One way is to volunteer for us. It would be a great platform to volunteer and use your skills

  4. Priyanka

    This step is really appreciable and public teaching makes it even more special. I am a graduate student in physics and have applied for post graduation in delhi itself.So if there are programs taking place in delhi,i will feel happy to serve.

  5. divya

    can a person without any teaching or job experience apply and will community fellows will also get monthly stipend , accomodation and food???

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Divya,

      Any body can apply who is 21 years of age and a graduate. Please go through the fellowship details on the website.

      All the fellows will get monthly stipend and local hospitality

  6. Tanvi

    I am 18 yrs of age in the second year of my BDS.. I really wanna work for this kind of cause.. Do you have any other branches coming up? Because I am definitely not eligible for this one and coming to Chattisgarh for the fellowship won’t be possible either.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Tanvi,

      You can help us by spreading the word to start with. We also have volunteering opportunities for 10 days where you can volunteer for 10 days.

      • Tanvi

        Will I have to come to Chhattisgarh for the activity things then?

      • Bachpan Banao

        For volunteering yes. You can volunteer in other ways as well. Like helping us do the marketing, content designing,

      • Tanvi

        Oh great ! I can work through the distance .. :)

  7. shilpa kamthan

    AS i found this page very inspiring and motivational.I am looking up for such things to which i could help to my own country.As There are so many girls and ladies , who are highly educated can empowered themselves by this.
    I have done B.Sc in Zoology and chemistry and M.Sc. IT and having a job experience in development.As most of the girls i can’t travel to there , but want to help you in other ways.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Thanks Shilpa, you can help us by reaching out to more fellows. We are looking for people who can support us. Do join our FB page for all the updates and happenings


    i am doing B.Tech FInal year, from Delhi. I am very much interested in this, but i won’t be able to work for a year, can i volunteer for a month or two?

  9. tui

    can I apply now?last date mentioned is 15th july

  10. anuprita

    i want work with u. can i apply?

    • Bachpan Banao

      Hi Anuprita, you are most welcome. Please go to the apply for fellowship section.


  11. Divya Malhotra

    Submitted my application! Looking forward to working with Bachpan Bachao…:)

    • Bachpan Banao

      Thanks Divya. We will call you.

      Team Bachpan Banao

  12. Hariprasadh Selvaraj

    Hi Enthusiastic Youngsters. Am also willing to be a part on empowering work. I finished my B.E this year 2013 but I have arrears.
    Am I eligible for the fellowship program.

  13. A.k.chaohan

  14. Shrividya

    This is really inspirational to me. I, personally appreciate the work you are doing.Engaging the students to study along with these activities is a great thing. Can i be a part of this from my place itself? as i won’t be able to come to dantewada, but would like to be involved. Thank in advance :)


    I am a lawyer by profession. I am really interested to be a part of this noble cause.

    • Bachpan Banao

      hi twisha, ypu are most welcome . Please let us knowhow would you like to contribute for thecause

      • Twisha Basak

        I have taken a lot of tuitions and seriously interested to join this cause. I am good with children and they can interact with me well.

      • Bachpan Banao

        Dear Twisha,

        For that to happen you will have to visit Dantewada. You can apply our 1 month or 10 day volunteering program

  16. mamta

    i have worked with children more than 8 years, and i am very keen to learn and search about how children learn, at present i am working in an ngo chhoti si asha where i am teaching 16 children of age 4 to 7 thay are from poor families and i am teaching them free, i am being paid from ngo. i had also applied for other fellowship last year i did get a call, but as my baby was too young i could not join. i am very intersted in this fellowship but i want to clear my doubts.
    1. do the fellow has to stay in the school for one year
    2. can i bring my child who will be 2 years old
    3. do we need to spend our own money to come for interview
    4.. can i join after feb 2015
    5. if it is not possible pls do keep sending me each fellowship form i will join and will be a great help for you.
    i am sending u link of my ngo

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Mamta,

      Please find below the response to your queries:

      1. yes
      2.that needs to be discussed
      3.yes cn join for 2015fellowship for which the application will tentatively come in March 2015

  17. mamta

    i read the whole document i am working on the same problems, i used to teach older children of class 6 to 10 .but these children dint even know simple multiplication or division how would they solve or understand the 10th class math.even one child of 10th class could not solve if i asked him ” i went to market i bough 50 mangoes for rs 25 so what is the price of one mango,
    now i have rearranged whole system and working with very young age.

  18. Twisha Basak

    I can come to Dantewada. PLease can you brief me about the procedure

  19. vivekanand

    I am 45 yrs old having experince in dairy industry operations , i did my msc, m.phil in psychology , i am very much intrested in these programme , but can u allow me….

  20. Naveena

    I am in final year of my graduation. I am really enthusiastic to be part of this wonderful initiative. Am I eligible for the fellowship? I will receive my graduation certificate in July 2014 but i will be done with course work by Mid of June.

  21. Rajendra Surve

    i would like to join the cause.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Please visit the Apply Now section of the website to apply for the program

  22. satish kumar singh

    मैंने मास कम्यूनिकेशन से मास्टर्स तक पढ़ाई की है और मैं आप लोगों के साथ फेलोशिप प्रोग्राम के खत्म होने के बाद भी काम करना चाहता हूं …. कृपया सुझाव दें … मेरा नम्बर 8877175590

  23. Varun Kumar Rajak

    i want to know about this fellowship programe to limit sit is there. i have two year experience in Nehru Yuva kendra Sanghathan and my course steel going on M.A.YOUTH EMPOWERMENT Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development Sriperumbudur Chennai, Last semester. can applied this fellowshi programmes.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Varun,

      You can apply for the fellowship. Please vist the Apply Now section to download the application form.

  24. ruchita sanjay joshi

    its amazing n my parent give me permission to do this fellowship but little scared which kind of q will be ask in interview.. if i will done little mistake in interview den ??? after my interview can i do dis fellowship… i wnt to do this

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Ruchita,

      You need not worry about the interview. It will be an informal one. First of all you need to apply for the program. Please download the application form from the Apply Now section


  25. Azam Mohammad

    Iam studied B.E With civil engineering Can i eligible for this fellowship…

  26. JAYANT

    i am doing PG DCA from RAIPUR I am very much interested in this, but i won’t be able to work for a year, can i volunteer for a month or two?

  27. Rajni srivastava

    I am house wife age of 50 but fully fit to do that type of work and MA.B in bhilai
    If u open center in bhilai many educated women involve with u.

    • Bachpan Banao

      Dear Rajni Mam,

      We would love to. However, as of now we dont have any plans of extending to other areas as it needs a lot of financial investment. But we will surely look for this in future. May be you can help us with that :)


  28. Ramashankar jha

    I am study p.g.with economic subject . i am interest in child development education . i think child will be sucess than after every person be happy .

  29. too this apply too bachpan banao

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