About Summer Camp 2019

Dantewada district is located in southern part of the state of Chhattisgarh and at the centre of Bastar Plateau, surrounded by dense forest, hills and rivers. Its been habitat of tribals communities for thousand of years and in present, demographically dominated by them in the region. Vibrant social customs & traditions, rich cultural heritage,Unique arts & crafts, Eco-friendly, self-sustaining and sustainable lifestyle of tribals are something which is the most evident to and captivating for people who are acquainted with these words & concepts.
 As Bachpan Banao Organization envisages to strengthen the public education system in the region and under its School Transformation Program(STP) initiative, it has chosen 11 government schools to make them as demonstrative schools in providing quality education and learning opportunities to children with due contribution of all the stakeholders (parents, community, teachers, and govt officials). These few demonstrative schools shall act as catalyst for other schools and people, provide them required inspiration, demonstration and experiences to start contributing in their own capacities towards transformation of education in their own vicinity and of the entire district. Another important component of STP initiative is to bring back the Out of school children to schools in the vicinity.
This year the organization is going to organize a month long summer camp “Patang” in all the 11 villages  where various kind of events ranging from Academics i.e Languages,Logic, Remedial classes,Alternative learning methods etc to various sports like Badminton,Chess,Football,Archery etc to introduction of various kind of arts like Visual arts, Performing arts etc will be conducted.
Objectives of Summer Camp :
  • To create a conducive and lighter environment through conducting various events in the camp so that out of school children in the vicinity of each school can be motivated and their mental inclination could be molded towards schools and education.
  • To introduce various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, various skills and flairs  of which the children have rare opportunity to learn through-out the year thus help them to determine and foster their hobbies and interest areas.

How to Participate in Camp : If you think you have something which you can share with the children or want to be learned by them then you can be the part of the camp by volunteering in it. There are two ways :

1.) Whole 1 month long volunteering  & 2.) Minimum 10 days volunteering

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Schedule of programe : The duration of the camp has been chosen to maximum catering of the objectives .
Orientation session : 16th to 19th May 2019 .
The camp will start from 20th May and end on 10th June 2019.
Reflection and feedback pulling session : From 11th June.