Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the safety and security  situations there? How safe is dantewada for us?

Answer: This is the most common and first comes to mind concern for most people because Dantewada has been in news for naxal violence or as conflict zone.This is actually half truth & mostly been exaggerated, the conflict has been here in dense forest interior areas of the district and in the outer areas. second, Conflict is between the armed forces and Left wing Extremist, so civilians, person of other departments particularly who are associated with education are not harmed even if they go in those areas. This Organization is working here in the field of education since 2012 in whole Dantewada district and has not faced a single issue or problem while doing it’s work even in the interior areas. The perception is just like for western world whole area of India is facing constant threats of terrorism and it’s always very risky to go there in India.

2. Do we need to go to the schools located in the interior areas? where the schools are located?

Answer: Our all 11 STP(School Transformation Program) schools where the summer camp has to be conducted are well connected with all weather roads and are not in interior or conflict areas. These schools are performing better in education and results, just because of regular and active presence of govt. teachers of those schools and our field coordinators who mostly travel from near by towns on daily basis. This way it can be construed that safety and security concerns do not hold grounds for them and circumstances is absolutely conducive to work with and educate the pupils there if someone really want to do it.

3.What will be the exact duration of camp?

Answer : The duration of the camp will be from 20th may to 10th may. before that we would conduct an orientation session from 16th to 19th. and later after the completion of camp there will be a reflection and feedback session of 2 days.

4. Details of accommodation ?

Answer :During the camp you will be staying in that particular school or community building of that village where you will be engaged with.There will be a team of 4-5 volunteers and 1 field coordinator for each village staying there. All the basic facilities & arrangements regarding your stay in that period will be done by us as It’s our prime responsibility. Before and after the camp you will be staying in BachpanBanao campus in Dantewada.

5. What will be the Work hours timings ?

Answer: Daily sessions will be conducted from 8 to 11 AM(3hrs) in morning and from 4 to 6 PM (2hrs)in the evening.

6. Types of work which the volunteers are required to do in the camp ?

Answer: A volunteer can contribute in various ways either by sharing any of her/his special skills ranging from academics,languages, logic,sports(indoor or outdoor), arts (visual or performing arts) with children or by assisting others in their work during camp.

7. How to reach Dantewada ?

Answer: Dantewada is connected with 3 major cities:  Raipur , Visakhapatnam & Hyderabad.

From Raipur :  Raipur is well connected with rest of India through Rail and Air route both. One can easily get the trains for Raipur from Mumbai,Nagpur,Kolkata,Bhopal,Delhi and others as it is an important station in Mumbai-Howrah route.It has an airport where daily flights are available from Mumbai,Kolkata,Bhopla,Delhi,Indore,Hyderabad.Now to come to dantewada from raipur one has to travel by road .It is 350Kms long and smooth. There is plenty of Sleeper coach AC/Non-AC bus services available which takes just an Over night journey(9Hours) to reach Dantewada. One can Book the tickets of bus journey in advance from any leading websites.

From Visakhapatnam : Visakhapatnam and Dantewada is connected through rail route.There are 2 trains available daily between these two stations and takes 10hr journey. Visakhapatnam is located in the east coast of India and is well connected through Air and Rail Route with rest of India.

From Hyderabad : There is only Bus route which connect Hyderabad to Dantewada. Normally its a 12-14 hrs journey to reach dantewada. There some APRTC buses are available from Interstate bus stand Hyderabad.It is better to book the bus seats before you leave for hyderabad as in this route buses are limited.

8. Procedure to apply for volunteering ?

Answer:Registration process is very simple for that you just need to fill an application form provided in the website.Link https://bachpanbanao.com/summer-camp-patang-2019/volunteer/