School Transformation Programme

The idea is not to reform the education system of the entire district or block, instead of to create a few Demonstrative Schools operating under the same conditions, with the same set of resources and similar constraints yet providing quality education and learning opportunities to children with due contribution from all the stakeholders- parents, community, teachers, and government officials


Started as a covid -19 response by motivated youth in the villages to ensure continuity of education in remote villages where there is no scope for digital education. Today it is a strong voluntary youth group of 432 volunteers in 80 villages giving after school support to children in the hamlet itself. These youth groups are empowering themselves as a strong voice for children’s safety and education in villages.

Sapno ki Shaala

is Bachpan Banao’s own demonstrative school for children in tribal areas functional in Chandenar village of Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, It’s a child-centric democratic learning centre where children are active stakeholders in their learning process. We also integrate and celebrate tribal lifestyle, language, and culture in our daily lessons and simultaneously expose the young minds to the world outside that is beaming with innovation and technology. We believe that learning happens anywhere and everywhere and it should not be confined to textbooks and classrooms.

Samata School

is functional in Kurnool city of Andhra Pradesh for children in Urban poor backgrounds. there are 40 children studying from classes1-8. We aim to provide opportunities for meaningful learning- an education that would enable children from deprived and exploited population groups to determine the course of their lives and contribute to a better and equitable world for themselves, their communities and others. Our school ensures that the practices in school are more child-centric by considering student abilities, interests, ideas and cultural identities. We integrate vocational skills along with education.