About us

Empowering Public education system in rural/tribal areas

Our Beliefs:
● Education is fundamental tool of social change
● Teacher is the fundamental unit of education system and every teacher can a social changemaker
● Community should be in-charge / take charge of their own well-being
● It is better to strengthen the existing education administrative systems instead of developing our own parallel systems
● Each social organisation should work towards there own non-existence by empowering existing stakeholders in the system

As part of our efforts towards improving overall quality of education delivery in the district, we are working with various stakeholders in the education space through following programmes.
● Model School Development through school transformation programme
● Community Empowerment through strengthening of School Management Committees
● Promotion of Science and scientific thinking through mobile science lab, science workshops)
● Supporting district administration in process improvement and capacity building
Across different programmes our approach has been of facilitation where we help stakeholders identify issues in schools / system and design customized local solutions based on the available competencies and resources.

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