Sapno ki Shala

Sapno ki Shala is a demonstrative school that is aiming to fill the gaps in the current education system. It works towards developing a humane, knowledgeable, sustainable, rational, equal and just society by nurturing these very values within our community. It’s a child centric democratic learning center where children are active stakeholders in their learning process.

We believe that learning happens anywhere and everywhere and it should not be confined to textbooks and classrooms. We treasure the indigenous knowledge and we are working towards bridging it with the scientific knowledge to prepare well informed individuals. We believe that a child learns best in their natural environment and shouldn’t be isolated from their community and so our current focus is on

creating a natural learning environment for the holistic development of every child. We integrate various skills through Arts and crafts, Kitchen gardening, Pottery, Carpentry by paying close attention on building awareness of the self and world around. We also integrate and celebrate tribal lifestyle, language, and culture in our daily lessons and simultaneously expose the young minds to the world outside that is beaming with innovation and technology.

Our visitors often wonder watching our children confidently voice their opinions and make decisions for themselves. We are in the second year and constantly innovating and experimenting to make it a very joyful and democratic open learning space for everyone to realize their potential and purpose. Our dream is to make it a self

sustainable learning center for all and we hope to achieve that by working with the local communities.We are in the initial stages of empowering the local community. Our current focus is on building awareness in various aspects such as education, health, citizen rights, forest rights, politic awareness and so on.

As rightly said that it takes a village to raise a child, we are making efforts to ensure that the kid’s parents play an active stakeholder role and are involved in their child’s learning process by sharing their skills and knowledge with all the children. We also have regular meet ups to have a dialogue regarding the same with all the children at Sapno ki Shaala.