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Know more about the cause you want to support:

Education is the basic requirement for human development. It is also the principal instrument in awakening the child to cultural values and thus is the strongest force in the development and growth of a child in preparing him/her to be a responsible, intelligent, and capable citizen.

School Dropouts:

One can actually enjoy the fruits of education only when they complete at least secondary level. While the government has been making concerted efforts aimed at expanding the reach of education, the phenomenon of school dropouts remains a blot on the progress of education in India. The percentage of enrolled children, completing their secondary education are at alarming levels.

The dropouts represent a significant human cost to children and the nation since they will most likely be permanently illiterate

The NSSO data shows, out of 98% of children enrolling in class 1 only 36% of them are completing class 12th. The biggest concern is approximately 60% of children are not able to complete their education.

Factors affecting the children’s school Drop out rate:

It shows that the socio-economic factors like caste, religion, geography, gender and economic status of parents are the key factors Children’s drop out. But Data is clearly also shows that “Children are not interested in studies” is the major reason that is causing the children to drop out of school.

Why So many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are not finding education interesteing?

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The job of the school is to teach so well that family background is no longer an issue”.

Our Demonstrative schools

Children from different socio-economic – cultural backgrounds are required to teach by using different teaching methodologies connecting to their lives. Strategies that we use for tribal children will not be useful for children from urban areas. This is the reason why children from Rural, Tribal and Economically weaker backgrounds feel alienated in our universal education system and eventually, they become dropouts.
Though there is a lot of charity work that has happened with these children from vulnerable backgrounds, what we need is strong education models for children from Tribal, Rural and economically weaker sections that they feel connected and also empower them.

Appropriate Education Model: Democratic Education

International community on democratic education defines Democratic education in follwing way. We believe that, in any educational setting, young people have the right:

  • to decide individually how, when, what, where and with whom they learn
  • to have an equal share in the decision-making as to how their organisations – in particular their schools – are run, and which rules and sanctions, if any, are necessary

The diverse participants in Democratic Education are united in upholding the spirit of the Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child and implementing this as the primary framework for the day-to-day practices in all learning environments.”

Sapno ki Shala

Sapno ki Shaala is Bachpan Banao’s own demonstrative school for children in tribal areas. It’s a child-centric democratic learning centre where children are active stakeholders in their learning process.

We believe that learning happens anywhere and everywhere and it should not be confined to textbooks and classrooms. We treasure the indigenous knowledge and we are working towards bridging it with scientific knowledge to prepare well-informed individuals. We integrate various skills through Arts and crafts, Kitchen gardening, Pottery, Carpentry by paying close attention on building awareness of the self and the world around us.

We also integrate and celebrate tribal lifestyle, language, and culture in our daily lessons and simultaneously expose the young minds to the world outside that is beaming with innovation and technology. We are in the fourth year and constantly innovating and experimenting to make it a very joyful and democratic open learning space for everyone to realize their potential and purpose.

Samata School

Samata School is the first initiative of Bachpan Banao outside Dantewada serving children from urban poor backgrounds.  The school is registered with Andhra Pradesh Education Department, with has a current enrolment of 60 children aged 6-13 years from two different slums.

Just like Sapno ki Shaala, Samata school also goes beyond traditional classroom teaching. We aim to provide opportunities for meaningful learning- an education that would enable children from deprived and exploited population groups to determine the course of their lives and contribute to a better and equitable world for themselves, their communities and others.

Our school ensures that the practices in school are more child-centric by considering student abilities, interests, ideas and cultural identities. We integrate vocational skills along with education.

How Donations are used?

Your donations fund our mission in many important ways

When you give to Bachpan Banao, your donated funds are used to run both schools for a year by paying teachers salaries, children’s meals, transport, uniforms and school kits etc.

Detailed financial break-up
ActivityMonthly cost
per student in Rupees
Annual cost
Per student in Rupees
Total cost for
80 students In rupees
Mid day meal320/-3850/-3,08,000/-
Student Transportation 344/-4125/-3,30,000/-
School Kit(Bag and notebooks)42/-500/-40,000/-
For setting up of a library52/-625/-50,000/-
Administration and Management375/-4500/-3,60,000/-
Teachers Salary1325/-15900/-12,72,000/-
Total cost per year2500/- For one student per month30,000/- for one student per year24,00,000/- for 80 students
Our team works closely to ensure that every rupee is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors.

Take Action

I would like to support a child/children and his/her education by committing to contribute 2500/- per child per month for a year.

You can also tranfer funds directly to our bank account through NEFT/RTGS. Our account details:

Name: Netritva Sadhana Kendra Foundation
Account Number: 016105010225
Account Type: Current
IFSC Code: ICIC0000161