School Transformation Programe

The idea is not to reform the education system of the entire district or block instead create a couple of demonstrative schools operating under the same conditions, with the same set of resources and similar constraints but still providing quality education and learning opportunities to children with due contribution of all the stakeholders (parents, community, teachers, and govt officials). These few performing schools shall act as catalyst for other schools and people, provide them required inspiration, demonstration and experiences to start contributing in their own capacities towards transformation of education in their own vicinity and of the entire district.

As part of this program 11 government schools has been adopted by Bachpan Banao to present a demonstrative school for other government schools.

We all criticize government system from outside without experiencing what teachers in that system experience and what are their challenges. So this program focuses more on actions than words in which a member of Bachpan Banao ,whom we call as field coordinator, goes to a school and teaches there on full time basis and follows routine of a government teacher. After being completely immersed in the system the member of Bachpan Banao initiates various changes in the school and presents an example for other teachers and other schools.


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